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I was sitting in the bath wondering what on earth I was going to do after being made redundant for the 4th time, when it hit me; I could use my knowledge of the industry I'd worked in for 11+ years to my advantage, and stand out from other contracting assistants/temps out there. 

With companies such as FremantleMedia, National Geographic & Universal Music Group under my belt, to name but a few, I created Media VA with the sole purpose of assisting smaller companies & startups in whatever way they need me to in an admin capacity, from diary management, to mailouts to their clients, and from research to event planning & management.


I've done it all.

About Kate

Kate grew up surrounded by music and TV technology due to having a father who worked at the BBC. Then, at 16, after realising her passion for singing, Kate took a BTEC National Diploma in Performing Arts where she proudly achieved a distinction for music performance. She supported herself through college by entering (and winning!) local singing competitions and volunteered at recording studios and radio stations as part of her work experience placements.

From all this experience came the decision that no ordinary full time job would be good enough, so she pursued a career in media, where she knew she'd find like-minded, creative, skilled and energetic people.

Kate's first official role in media started as a 2 week temp placement at FremantleMedia in 2006, where she ended up staying for 8 years. She worked her way up in the Acquisitions and Development dept within the Distribution arm and ended as EA to the Global CEO before being made redundant in 2014.

Kate then gained further TV experience working at the National Geographic Channel for 2 years, where she learned about commissioning and the greenlight process.

She then got herself a job working for the CEO/Head of a small division of Universal Music Group called Universal Advanced Media, which was responsible for the production of music events (BTS, concerts, music videos, etc.) for any artist/label under the Universal umbrella. With her background, it was the perfect opportunity and Kate was planning on being there for a long time, but we all know what John Lennon said about making plans...

Media VA was created in May 2017.

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